5 Places in UK with Largest Nigerian Population

No doubt that Nigerians make up a significant part of the UK’s diverse multicultural society. Many Nigerian immigrants have chosen to settle in specific areas where they have formed vibrant communities. Here are five places in the UK with the largest Nigerian population and some reasons why these locations are preferred.

1. London

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is the most popular destination for Nigerians. This city offers vast opportunities in terms of employment, education, and business. The presence of a large, established Nigerian community makes it easier for newcomers to find support and settle in. Nigerian restaurants, and shops selling Nigerian goods create a familiar environment, helping Nigerians feel at home.

2. Manchester

Manchester is another significant hub for Nigerians. It is known for its diverse economy and strong educational institutions like the University of Manchester. The city’s relatively affordable cost of living compared to London, combined with ample job opportunities, attracts many Nigerian families and professionals. Additionally, Manchester has a welcoming atmosphere with various cultural festivals and community groups that celebrate Nigerian heritage.

3. Birmingham

Birmingham is the UK’s second-largest city. It is renowned for its cultural diversity. The city has a substantial Nigerian population, partly due to its industrial history which offered numerous job opportunities. Today, Nigerians in Birmingham benefit from a robust network of community organizations, religious institutions, and social groups. The city’s central location and good transport links also make it an attractive place for Nigerian immigrants.

4. Liverpool

Liverpool has a long history of immigration and is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The city’s lower cost of living and affordable housing are significant draws for Nigerians. Liverpool’s universities and colleges attract Nigerian students, while its rich cultural scene, including music, sports, and arts, offers a lively and engaging environment. Nigerian community centers and events in Liverpool also provide support and a sense of belonging.

5. Leeds

This is a major city in West Yorkshire. It has a growing Nigerian community. The city’s strong economy, particularly in finance, legal services, and education, provides numerous job opportunities. Leeds is also home to several universities, attracting Nigerian students. The community spirit in Leeds is strong, with many organizations and events dedicated to Nigerian culture, making it a welcoming place for Nigerians looking to settle in UK.


Nigerians choose these cities for various reasons, including job opportunities, educational institutions, and the presence of established Nigerian communities. These factors create a supportive environment that helps new immigrants adjust to life in the UK while maintaining their cultural identity. Each of these cities offers a unique blend of opportunities and community support, making them popular choices for Nigerians looking to build a new life in the United Kingdom.

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